Ride-Along Program

The purpose of the Grandview Police Department Ride-Along Program is to encourage community involvement in law enforcement and to educate the public by opening up the lines of communication within the community by allowing interested residents to ride as passenger observers with patrol officers.  The Ride-Along Program promotes a better understanding of the challenges, risks, and rewards of the police officer’s role in the community.  We thank you for your interest in our Ride-Along Program and encourage questions, comments, and suggestions about this program and the Grandview Police Department.


  1. Citizens of Grandview
  2. Grandview business owners
  3. Visiting dignitaries or officials
  4. Police officers from other jurisdictions
  5. College or university criminal justice students engaged in research or fulfilling project or program requirements
  6. Members of concerned adult or youth groups
  7. Other members of the criminal justice system
  8. Individuals over the age of 16, and under the age of 18, who have been approved by the Chief of Police


  1. Persons who have been convicted of a crime classified as a Class B or Class A misdemeanor in the last seven (7) years.
  2. Persons who are under indictment or information in any court for a crime classified as a Class B misdemeanor or higher.
  3. Persons who have been convicted of any felony.
  4. Persons who have a history of drug use/abuse within the last three (3) years.
  5. Persons who have been adjudicated as a mental defective or committed to a mental institution.
  6. Persons who have provided false or misleading information on an application.
  7. Any person who has violated any provision of this policy or the “Ride-out Rules and Regulations.”
  8. Any person believed to have an intent or motive that is not in the best interest of the City or this Department.


Applicants must complete and sign the Ride-Along Application and sign the Ride Along Waiver forms. Be sure and read the Ride-Along Rules and Regulations page before participating in the ride-along.  The completed documentation can be delivered in person or mailed to:

Grandview Police Department
Ride-Along Program
1100 McDuff Avenue/P.O. Box 506
Grandview, Texas 76050