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1. Who do I need to contact about a ticket I received?
2. I believe I have a warrant for my arrest from the Grandview Police Department. Who do I need to talk to about my warrant?
3. Who do I contact to file a police report?
4. My vehicle was towed by the Grandview Police Department. Where is my vehicle located?
5. Where can I get information about participating in the Ride-Along Program?
6. How do I request a close patrol of my residence when I am out of town?
7. Does the Grandview Police Department offer fingerprint services to citizens?
8. Who do I contact about a traffic related concern?
9. How do I make a complaint against a Grandview police employee?
10. Who do I contact to compliment or commend a Grandview police employee?
11. Who do I contact about an animal control issue?
12. Can a police officer open my car if I have locked the keys inside?
13. Who do I call for information on someone who has been arrested?