Bicycle Rodeo

The Grandview Police Department will be hosting a Bicycle Rodeo in Summer 2015. A date and time will be determined and updated on this website.

The bicycle rodeo is a safety based program that focuses on handling skills and safe operation of a bicycle on city streets and sidewalks. The courses will be designed to target elementary school age children, but are open for any child from 5 to 12 years old.

The bicycle rodeo will include a bicycle safety inspection and a series of skill stations directly related to everyday bicycling situations.  Specifically, participants will practice starting and stopping, safely exiting a driveway, the proper way to look for traffic, negotiating an intersection, and avoiding common road hazards that often lead to cycling accidents.

To participate in the program children will need to bring a bicycle and a helmet. If your child doesn't have a helmet and wants to participate, please call the police department in advance and we will provide a helmet for your child.

Officer Steve Mack will facilitate the rodeo. Officer Mack is an avid cyclist who has completed rides of over 100 miles. He has completed the bicycle patrol training course and served as a bicycle patrol officer.

If you have questions about the rodeo, please contact Officer Steve Mack at (817) 866-3399 or by e-mail.